02.09.2024 Monday 

Session: The next generation of solar and stellar MHD simulations

Invited Speaker: Dr. Damien Przybylski

Session: Spectral synthesis and simulated data

Invited Speaker: Dr. Christopher Osborne

Workshop: Spectral synthesis and simulated data

Dr. Adur Yabar Pastor, Stockholm University, Sweden

03.09.2024 Tuesday 

Workshop: Machine learning in observations

Dr. Andreas Asensio-Ramos, IAC, Spain

Excursion: Teide Observatory

04.09.2024 Wednesday 

Session: Enhanced MHD/hybrid models. 

Invited Speaker: Dr. Fabio Bacchini

Session: Machine learning in simulations and observations. 

Invited Speaker: Dr Tiago Pereira           

Workshop: Feature identification, tracking and classification algorithms, 

Invited speaker: Dr Raphael Attie

05.09.2024 Thursday 

Session: Using observations to establish constraints for MHD simulations

Invited Speaker: Dr. José Juan González Avilés

Session: Multi-fluid and partially ionised plasma models

Invited speaker: Dr. Ben Snow