Dynamic Sun

Dynamic Sun is a conference series which aims to provide a highly visible platform for the observers, theoreticians, numerical modelers and instrumentation experts in the field of solar physics and space science to discuss cutting edge scientific challenges and instrumentation. The concept of the Dynamic Sun series was initially proposed by Prof Viktor Fedun (The University of Sheffield) and Dr A K Srivastava (IIT BHU, Varanasi, India), as well as other colleagues of the international solar physics community.

Dynamic Sun aims to focus on the scientific themes (not topics or parallel big sessions) in Solar Physics on which the like-minded scientists, young researchers, and students will come on a single visible platform and discuss cutting edge science and instrumentation. Subsequent conference chapters will be held every two years.

Another advantage is that selected theme will be acting as a timely booster for the ongoing activities in the solar physics community. The recent trends are either to organise the wide conferences with various parallel themes, or disjoint compact meetings with certain specific goals. However, the present series will focus on cutting edge themes, which will be decided by the Dynamic Sun Executive Committee (DSEC).