2024 PDG PhD student seminars


Lauren McClure

Vortex Community Detection

Vortical plasma motions are present in the solar atmosphere at different spatial and temporal scales and act as natural channels of energy from the lower to upper layers. Over the past decade, considerable attention has been devoted to uncovering the physical properties of various vortical motions within magnetic flux tubes, with the aim of understanding their ability to generate and sustain magnetohydrodynamic  waves, instigate instabilities, and concentrated energy. While much focus has been placed on investigating individual vortical structures across varying scales, recent advancements in magneto-convection simulations and high-resolution observations have revealed that vortices exist not in isolation but rather as communities. A precise understanding of the intricate interplay among plasma vortices within their communities and the analysis of interactions between different communities in the presence of magnetic fields are essential for a deeper understanding of the plasma dynamics that underlie significant solar atmospheric phenomena and facilitate energy transport from the lower to upper atmosphere. In this talk, we present the first analysis on solar vortex communities and an overview of their properties and time evolution.